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Do you need help to start living your best life now? 

Do you have fitness equipment that you want to start using? 

Do you need help to recover from an injury? 


Be Energized will come to your home and help you get started today! Contact us for your free consultation!



At Be Energized we provide the personal touch to personal training. Whether you are experiencing trouble from a health condition or injury, looking to increase activity or simply looking to gain some strength and lose weight, we can tailor fit a training solution to fit your specific needs.

We offer a range of services and packages designed to fit a variety of training goals. Please contact us to learn more. Your consultation with us is always FREE!



Without a doubt your food choices each day affect your health & how you feel today, tomorrow and in the future. Combined with physical activity, good nutrition can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce your risk of chronic diseases and promote your overall health.


Our nutritional planning services work with your current food choices. After you complete a daily food journal, we will review your eating patterns and devise a way to incorporate new and healthy eating goals. 


Learn how to nourish you and your family with natural foods that will energize you!



For many of us there is a desire to be well, to feel better and to take control of our well-being, yet we struggle with the path to that goal. How do we get there from where we are now - through life and all of its stress?


At Be Energized we recognize there is an enormous gap between wanting to be well and being well. We provide our clients with the tools to achieve the feelings that we desire in our wellness goals and help you to stay or track and recognize the power within ourselves to be the best version of yourself.


Increase your mental health & personal well being through meditation, yoga, and sleep hygiene. Learn to bring peace into your life.

Be Energized is offering Thai Yoga Stretching!  During these sessions clients have benefited from reduced shoulder, neck and back pain, as well as increased relaxation.

"80% of weightloss happens in the kitchen!"

BETH MARTIN, Owner & Personal Trainer

Beth Martin is a fitness and health enthusiast.  Fitness and wellness has become her life's passion.  Helping other people like YOU live your best life has been her journey for the last 35 years.  Beth has 3 grown children and a dog, named Stanley.

  • canfitpro certified Personal Trainer since 2006

  • canfitpro certified Nutrition and Wellness

  • Stability Ball certification

  • BOSU certified through Twist Conditioning

  • Yoga Instructor

  • Facilitated Stretching

  • Thai Yoga Stretching

  • Specialized core and functional training

Beth believes in providing a personal touch to personal training, and aims to help her clients experience the best life has to offer through fitness, wellness and nutrition.  


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